Character Animation not working in Sequencer

Hello, I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine. I was enjoying it very much, going through the docs, everything well explained, loved it. But I got stucked on something I would say pretty simple and can not get it working for 2 days…

I did this step by step but simply it does nothing. The Mannequin is not moving at all. When I right click on the animation and select “Show Skeleton” I can see the skeleton moving but the character is simply doing nothing.

What is wrong please?

Version: 5.0.2-20280985+++UE5+Release-5.0


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I found out that it is related to the Mannequin. Because when I use Mannequin from the Mannequin_UE4 folder then it works. There has to be something wrong with the Mannequin in the Mannequin (not _UE4) folder. Because I’m doing identical steps and folder Mannequin_UE4 works but folder Mannequin does not. But it does not bother me much as I can test on the Mannequin_UE4 folder. Thanks

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Deleting or muting the C_Mannequin_Body item under the SK_Mannequin fixes this