Character animation is lost after sequence

I made a quick animation for the character to raise their arm when the space bar is held. This is supposed to serve as a ready animation for shooting but after space bar is released all animation is lost and while character still responds to inputs no actual animation is played.

I also have nodes for toggling running and walking but they don’t break the animation sequence. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the blueprint I made for the custom animation to play:

What happens if you take the Set Movement Mode nodes out?

Taking that out will cause all control other than character rotation to be lost, character will be frozen in place.

Okay, just trying to piece out the animation playing section. So, if you remove the last set movement, the animation still doesn’t play?

Fixed it, thanks. I had to use a different node. I am still looking for a tutorial on animation montage in unreal engine 4.25 though in order to make this smoother.