Character animation in place how?

hi to all, without enter into the particular of the project (is a simple endless game), I don’t understand how to play animation in place.
I need the character remain on it’s spawn point and update it’s animation when receive movement input, but when I set the capsule of my character in static all animation stop to work.
so how to do?

You may want to start HERE with this endless runner tutorial.
It should go over everything you need to know. (It’s an older tutorial series, but can be easily modified)

I’ve already seen it, I no need to run I intend make a spawn point for obstacle and a destrucntion point each out of the view, so I need only to simulate the running character, but at the moment I have other problem with import 3d assets from blender but this is another story XD.

For the current topic, I need to test some idea into character blueprint to solve the problem, but I can do something only after dinner.