[Character animation ] Can i make animation for a rigged char. in UE4?

As the title says,
i want to know if can i do every single animation of a character in UE4, instead of making animations first, and exporting them later in software such Blender, Maya etc…

Is that possible?

Not really. Though there is a possibility to create animations from within the editor, it is nowhere near the level of control you get inside of a DCC package like Maya or Blender.

Yes. Since 4.7 you can create and keyframe new animations within the editor.

So the answer is yes and not at the same time. If i have to do complicated stuff, i should use blender for example. For simple animations ( like grass moved by wind ) i can use the internal editor of UE4.

Is that so?

Things like grass are usually not animated in a classic manner. Unreal has a really powerful foliage system and in order to make it move you’re more likely to use “wind”. I’d suggest checking out this tutorial: v=_2sx6JPdlmw

Haha, right. Procedural animation of things like grass, physics objects, cloth, vehicles, etc can all be done in-engine. Creating a set of animations for a character should probably be handled in a DCC package. However, you can now edit complex animations using Additive Layers in UE4, documentation here: LINK.

Good luck!

Thanks to everyone for the kind answers :smiley: