Character Animation basic help


I have found a Character model online, and I started to watch a video tutorial that explained Animation and Blending.
I was able to do the first few minutes after trying a few different models, and one that I found online imported the Mesh correctly with the bones.

Happy :slight_smile: … but,

When at about minute 8 in the tutorial it reached putting animations made by the author himself, that is where I got lost as my model did not include animations.
Is there anyway I can use the animation off examples or other characters?

Screenshot attached to show character.


Bigger Image :stuck_out_tongue:

Tutorial I used for Animation and Blending

you can only use other animations if the skeletal rig(bones) is the same, afaik atm there is no way of re-targeting an animation from different rigs to another

your options are limited to make sure that the character you buy has the anims you need or find someone to do them for you

Thanks, no problem.