Character Animation and Physical Asset problems

Hi everyone,

I’ve been scouring the internet for a while on trying to solve this, and though there are plenty of tutorials on animation retargeting, blueprint creation etc… there does not seem to be much help on this particular subject.

A small breakdown of my problem (I’ve attached all the relevant files):

My character rig is very simple. I created it using Maya 2017’s auto-rigging feature, which came back pretty clean, relatively nicely skinned etc… It’s messy, but good enough for testing purposes. It seems, however that Unreal doesn’t like it AT ALL.

When I create a physical asset, after adding any body other than the pelvis or root, the mesh explodes, with the rigidbodies going everywhere. Even with all collisions disabled, constraints turned on etc… I fixed this problem eventually by exporting from Maya at scale 1.0 and then setting import scale to 10 in UE4, which seems really suspicious but fair enough if that fixes it. I’m still thinking there’s something fishy going on there.

When I retarget any animation from the standard Animation Starter Pack, even though UE4 thinks my skeleton is compatible, the result is as follows:

Both the source (the UE4 mannequin) have received Humanoid rig assignments (as demonstrated in many many videos and followed step by step by me in setting this up) , and all bones have been set up correctly as far as I can tell.

Here’s a link to my source FBX file and uasset (I had to put it in a rar to get it to upload here, sorry): [click here][2]
And here’s the .MB file for good measure: [click here][3]

To reproduce, all you need to do is get these assets into unreal and retarget any animation from the AnimationStarterPack to its skeleton.

If there’s anything more I need to provide please let me know, none of this is private or protected in any way, just personal stuff.