Character animates but won't move

Hi folks, after spending hours working to try to get a simple AI character to walk about my scene I’ve exhausted all options but to ask somebody smarter than me for advice.
I have my character set up to wander randomly as per a very helpful YouTube tutorial:
(- YouTube)

When I play the level my character remains stationary. The Character, AIController, Blueprint and Blackboard are all present and correct, as is my NavMesh in Persistent Level. I simply cannot figure out what’s wrong or missing. I suspect that I’ll have to figure out a way to get images of my BPs up here for somebody to help, but should anybody have any simple advice / things to check initially I’d really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I do wonder if it could be my character? Rigged in Blender, no IK bones but the essential root bone is there, with one simple walking animation.

No matter how poorly rigged your character might be, it will still move.

Are you sure you’ve selected a BTAsset at Begin Play?

In general though your question is way to vague, just do a print screen to show your Blueprints!

Thanks for the reply, SwamiNatha.

Yep, BTAsset is selected via my character’s AIController. Here’s my pics, AIController first, Behaviour Tree and BP Task.

Upon play, my character effectively walks on the spot. Animations are fine, he just won’t move. Hope somebody can help and thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Bumping this question - anybody got any ideas about what, if anything, I’m missing?

Here’s something to try. If you just happened to use your MoveForward and/or MoveRight events in your playercontroller, make sure that they are not consuming the input. You need to pass those movement commands down to your pawn class in order for the character to physically move around on a level.

I may not be a problem with the blueprints. Check the settings or “details” of the capsule component, or anything like that.