Character always face down (FBX Import)

Well we have a bit of problem, all our characters always face downward when we play their animation.
We have tried importing with both maya’s fbx version 2013 and 2014 but nothing seems to work.

Anyone have any clue about how we fix this?

(A) Did you create the animations for a different skeleton to the one you have added the animation too? ie: Re-targeting in Motion Builder.
(B) Changing export version will have no affect on the problem.
(C) Were these animations created with “Z” or “Y” up orientation, and does the character have its root bone or pelvis orientated the same?

This can be fixed easily in Motion Builder if you have access to that, but in Maya and 3ds Max, it’s a nightmare to fix.

Also, if I knew what software you have access to, I could offer a remedy for that specific application, (except Blender)

What app?

In 3ds Max FBX 2013.1 under “Axis Conversion” set “Up Axis” to Y-up when exporting.

Thx Lex. The animation in created with “Y” as upward orientation. All other software and FBX viewer is viewing our animation fine, only unreal that give us trouble.

We’re currently using Maya 2013 and 2014. Gonna try and download Motion Builder’s trail to test thing out. I would still love to hear solution out of the Maya’s box though…

We found the solution, just need to change axis to Z (advance option) in the exporting menu. We ran into this while trying to figure our Apex clothing. Thx to all anyway.



Urghhh never mind, changing export option to Z still doesn’t help. Once the animation in played, the character is facing downward again…

I use blender but similar issue. To resolve we did a -90 rotation on just the mesh or just the skeleton before export. This way it lines up later ue4.

Also with animation issues it’s always been a scale issue or because the animation was recorded with a different scaled skeleton.

in maya to avoid this, it is best to have your default up axis to Y , then in the export setting change the up axis to Z , and model and animate your character toward positive Z axis .