Character AI movement prediction

Hi All! Im trying to make a basic AI system where the AI can ‘guess’ where the player is hiding. Ill try to explain it a bit better with this image :slight_smile:

Green is the Path of the player, Red the path of the AI, and blue the 3 possible locations the character could be hiding. Right now, the AI can already follow the character, and it moves to the ‘last seen location’. Im looking for a way that the AI can move to one of those 3 locations, without adding specific points myself. Im trying to do this in blueprints.
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I was thinking of maybe creating actors out of the cover pieces, and let the AI do a raycast to the actors, so it will move to the components of the actor that arent in view. If anyone has a better idea, Id love to know, because im fairly new to this stuff.