Character: Adventuer Girl

A female adventurer that was going to be the playable character to a platformer game that I started
Martial instances to change the colors

Face animation test

If I was to put this character up on the marketplace what features would people like to see?
I already have several animations and face poses made for it.

She looks great infectedfury, the only suggestion I could make is maybe upgrade the eye textures to more of a pixar style.

thanks, this is still a work in progress and eyes don’t actually have textures yet, just flat material color. I will also be fixing up a few issues with the eyes

Ive been having some trouble with the physics on the characters hair.
No matter what settings I use, Limited / locked constraints, dampening settings the hair will always move like default settings with no restrictions

If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated

Did you set the dampening in the physics asset of the character? Normally if you select the free hanging bones in there and set their dampening there it should work. I have something similar in my game.

These are the settings that I have.
Even if I change the angular limits to locked it will still move just like in the video

Have you tried putting the top bone of the ponytail to kinematic and see if it still moves then? If yes, then there is something wrong with your physics asset.

when I put the top bone as kinematic that bone will stop moving, all the others under it still move.

I have a feeling that this may be an issue with the engine version. I downloaded 4.16 preview and most of it is working in there, but the main problem is I cant get the physics asset to work on the character blueprint

Hmmm… that’s perfectly normal behavior. Really strange that the damping isn’t working. Not sure what is causing this.