Character activates a trigger which spawns later, then an object of another BP moves.

Hello, I have no idea how to do that, because there is no reference of the object that I want to move. Cast to will not work, I have no idea how get the object (tell me if you know, I think I am wrong).
And as I said, the trigger is not in the viewport, I can’t get it in level blueprint.
If you have another idea(Trigger BP or level BP), I’ll take it !

Sorry your question is a bit vague, can you clarify a bit?

Yes, I read again, I understand you, it’s complicated.

There is no real question. If you really want, here is: “How to get another actor in triggerBP which is not concerned by the actors of the overlap?” because I search how to get the object that I want to move in the trigger BP.
I attached a screenshot: the “cast to” is for the character but as I said I want to get the target/object to move in the trigger BP.

But if I use level BP (to get the permanent object that I want to move) instead of trigger box BP: another problem
Second Problem is the fact that the trigger box is not in the viewport (it will spawns in game), so I can’t get it in level blueprint.
If the trigger box was already in the viewport, I could just set “is overlapping?” with my character and the trigger then move my object when it’s okay.

So if you know the solution in one of the cases or both,
Thanks for answers.

When his spawning u need to get him (Return Value) and cast to you character( get player controller - get controlled pawn) and write this actor as variable, now u have this actor. Don’t good understand second question but yes u can get all collision overlap.

If I understand your correctly, you have an overlap that is happening, and when that happens, you want access to a totally unrelated actor?

You can always find other actors using the GetAllActorsOfClass node:


If the actor you want to get is a BP, you can just put the type of BP in here ( actor class ). If there’s more than one, you will get an array of them back. If you know there’s only one, then use this version:


The pin on the right is a reference to your other actor.

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to get the object! I didn’t know we could use it without getting an array!