Chaos does not work in 4.24 P1. Will it be fixed in P2?

Still not working? What about RTX?

What I don’t understand is that Chaos works OK with 4.23.1 the compiled version. All you did with 4.24 is changed the gui. It crashes every time I put a GeoCollection in a level. Very strange.

Just tried 4.24 P2 still crashes when I played level after creating the GeoCollection. This time the GC looks good but still crashes. Tried to send you the bug report didn’t seem to send.
Here is the link to error log…jnvRZsuSsMZ69p
Also the normal fracturing(apex) does not work. I have turned on all the plugins for Chaos and Apex.

Are you using it from source? That’s the only way to use it currently.

Please log any bugs or crashes in our submission form for our team to further investigate!

No it is from the launcher. OK I will try the source.

Do I have to any mods to

Hey there,

im using 4.24.2 from source build of the engine and im getting the crash if i have a geometry collection in my level.