Chaos vehicule not advance in the world

Hi all, I advance in my game, I succeed to make a lot of thing and now I want to really take a turn with other thinks as unreal manequin, I would to use some cartoon tanks that I bought on epic store but that don’t work as I would and the guys that do it do not really know how it work in direct control.

To make the game more fun I would a little physics use. I use this :

I do and redo many hours this but nothing to do ! the tank do not advance. The front rear turn, when I give power the tire play the advance animation but the pawn stay in place. We can see that they are a little in the ground, I make a lot of try before the vehicule was bouncing. Now is still and respond to the controls but do not advance in the world :frowning:

If someone can help me, I already try chapgpt and mistral but nothing helps :frowning:

you could try to set the physics type to simulate (now it’s kinematic)

one by one select them ,set them all to “simulate”.(including the root).

I put it in kinematic because they did to do it in the tutorial :slight_smile:
That change nothing but thank you a lot to try to help me ^^

If I change the root to kinematic the tank are no more in the ground but nothing more happens, the wheel do not turn. In default or simulated this work but in every case the tank do not make any world movement.

well, i notice a few issues in your screenshot.

i didn’t watch the vedio,but you can double check these two details.
make sure the set up is the same as the tutorial.

and here is the UE docs that can walk you through setting up a vehicle quickly.

hope it helps.

I just see another tutorials that do not use the chaos wheeledVehicule movement, perhaps it’s that the problems ! my wheel are setted in the chaos movement. I will check that hope this is ! thank you a lot.

Was not the solution, nothing different if I delete the chaoswheeled…

Do you understand why my tank is in the ground ^^’

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could you open up the wheel setting class? you can click here to find it

it’s probably the wheel width messed up.

I measure the wheel exactly and try to make bigger or smaller but nothing do the job :frowning:

Is it normal to have a torque curve that have in Y only the max at 1.0 for 3600 in X ? I found this curious not ? but I see all tutorials same at this point.

I try with another mesh with the exact same setup from tutorial and in this case that work.
What can be false in the mesh of the cartoon tank to not advance in the world, the direction look be good but not the advance or backward ?

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