chaos vehicles plugin

Does anyone know a solution to this problem
I made a car when I drive it forward it lifts up from the front like a motorcycle and when I drive it backwards and hit the brakes it lifts up from the front as well

I suspect that this is a Center of Mass problem. I had a similar issue. I don’t think that I solved it correctly, but I was able to get it work. I feel like the automatically created center of mass doesn’t calculate correctly. So, in the vehicle BP, looking at the Vehicle Movement Component under the Vehicle Set section of the details, I checked “Enable Center of Mass Override”. With the Z value of the override set to zero, I got no more wheelies, lunges or banking while cornering. But, if I when I put in what I thought was a reasonable value, the problem came back
I almost feel as though those values are working like the units are meters, as opposed to cm. I have done enough testing to verify if that is true, though.