Chaos Vehicles or Advanced Vehicle System?

I’ve looked across the internet and I’m still unsure which one to use.

The Advanced Vehicle System on the marketplace seems nice but Chaos has vehicle destruction, but there’s nothing I found on the internet on how to make vehicles destructible. I found a project that mimics vehicle destruction using cloth simulation and it works quite well so I’ve been thinking of using that along with Advanced Vehicle System for that GTA-like feel.

What are the pros and cons of Chaos? And is it better as opposed to AVS?

AVS marketplace link: Advanced Vehicle System in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Any thoughts on this topic after a year?

yea. Don’t use AVS if you’re planning destructible vehicles. The skeletal meshes lag behind at high speed. I’m planning to implement my own lightweight vehicle system or just use the default Unreal template. I can bear to trade the semi-realistic suspension of AVS for a simpler vehicle base and destructible vehicle body

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