Chaos Vehicles or Advanced Vehicle System?

I’ve looked across the internet and I’m still unsure which one to use.

The Advanced Vehicle System on the marketplace seems nice but Chaos has vehicle destruction, but there’s nothing I found on the internet on how to make vehicles destructible. I found a project that mimics vehicle destruction using cloth simulation and it works quite well so I’ve been thinking of using that along with Advanced Vehicle System for that GTA-like feel.

What are the pros and cons of Chaos? And is it better as opposed to AVS?

AVS marketplace link: Advanced Vehicle System in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

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Any thoughts on this topic after a year?

yea. Don’t use AVS if you’re planning destructible vehicles. The skeletal meshes lag behind at high speed. I’m planning to implement my own lightweight vehicle system or just use the default Unreal template. I can bear to trade the semi-realistic suspension of AVS for a simpler vehicle base and destructible vehicle body

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Sorry for necro-ing the old post. What made you not use the Chaos Vehicles in this case and move on to using your own lightweight system or the basic vehicle UE template?

Hey, Chaos in 4.26 was a bit buggy back then. I don’t remember what the issues were but they prevented me from using Chaos.

I went with this asset as it worked well with my wheeled vehicles as well as tracked tanks: Vehicles Movement Components in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

I see it’s now not for sale, lmk if you need this, though it only goes up to 4.26. You might need to recompile the plugin to use in any engine above.

My vehicle system has been on pause for some time now while I work on other aspects of my game so at this point Chaos would probably be a good bet too. I’ve built some vehicles for clients using Chaos in 5.3 and it seems to work splendid now

Hmm, I’m using 4.27 and probably will stick to it as it is stable and I don’t have a more powerful PC for 5 or above.

I’ve done a lot of research on the current vehicle systems and I’m not sure where to start. Chaos seems as easy as it gets to implement but it does seem like it needs a lot of fine tuning. I have the Advanced Vehicle System plugin from the market too (Advanced Vehicle System in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace). However, it needs C++ compiler and I don’t have the space needed to install required packages (visual studio etc…), and I’ve seen people not really liking the plugin too.

What would you suggest for a more GTA 5 - like vehicle driving system? It doesn’t need to be as complex as that one, however, I want a smooth and a bit more realistic feel. Traction, suspension, and transmission feeling natural as a real car.

I just realized, there’s two different assets:

We use OWI Enahnced Vehicle Plugin. Both were free at one point but are now not for sale

Try both.
VehicleMovementComponent (similar to OWI ) .rar (9.3 MB)
OWIEnhancedVehicleMovement (Mostly for tank tracks).rar (16.6 MB)

PS: Don’t switch to UE 5. It’s a nightmare.

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Thanks! It turns out I already have the Enhanced Vehicle Plugin owned. I’ll check out the other one too.

Btw, I’ve found out about another method which is easier. Raycast vehicles. Basically, you ray cast from any wheel spot, and create a suspension based on several parameters. Then just attach the wheels and do a little bit of magic to make them seem like they’re actually working. It’s more arcadey but it seems to be more customizable and easier to implement and dissect.

And yeah, I agree with UE5 rn, several method changes and many hardware changes make it infeasible for me to use it.

That’s how Chaos Vehicles work. With enough tweaking, Chaos vehicles can be made to act in a more arcade way. OWI’s plugin yeilds some good arcade physics too

AVS on the other hand works on the static mesh method. It would have been fine if it didn’t break at high speeds.

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I’ll try getting Chaos up and working then instead of creating a raycast from sceatch first. I just want to get a reasonable and fun driving experience. Thanks for your time and replies!

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