Chaos Vehicles controllability: turning and skidding


I’ve finally managed to get a drivable Chaos Vehicle BP after testing the standard PhysX one. What is really disappointing about Chaos Vehicle, it’s its controllability. I raised and moved right points on Steering Curve to have better steering 60 KmH, but it didn’t help: it still takes ages to turn right or left at this speed. Also, I can’t make the car to go skidding (sliding).

After that I changed Wheel Settings Longitudal friction force multiplier to 3 and lateral one to 5, it got slightly better, but I still wonder how to improve that.


Wondering that by myself too, very weird behavior.
If you figured something, hope you wouldn’t mind sharing.

Maybe you guys can help… :slight_smile:

Have you tried doing the same in latest Unreal engine 5 version?

4.27-chaos is a newer chaos version than the ue5 ea copy, its the current active iteration branch (though they have been merging to ue5 EA you would have to download a source copy).