Chaos Vehicle wheels scrunching up like a dead spider

Hello! I’m brand-new to UE, and after finishing this tutorial the car doesn’t work properly. As seen in the clip, its wheels scrunch up, the suspension goes all over the place, and it appears to be hovering due to being balanced on and invisible “belly”.

Worth noting that in order to get the vehicle skeleton into my project, I had to do a simple copy/paste of the file from the Vehicle Game demo into the Content of test project I am working in. The import functions wouldn’t allow grabbing .uasset files.

This post appears to have the same issue I do, but their solution is not applicable as I did not use any external tools for the tutorial. Is there a way to do the same within UE5?

Thank you for any help!

Hey @EpikAura99! Welcome to the forums!

Rather than copy pasting the assets, have you tried migrating the assets from the original project instead? That method will have the least likely chance (still possible) of something going wrong with the physics or skeleton. Additionally, check out this non-Epic affiliated video to make sure there were no steps or settings missed:

Everything after the blender portion should still apply.

I hope some or all of the above works for you, if not, we can definitely figure out what’s happening!

I suggest to start debugging by turning on collision visualization.

Nothing appears to be out of sorts

I’ll be sure to watch that video.

I would love to use the migrate function, however I cannot open the vehicle game example to do so. It is in version 4.27, and no matter if I try to open it in 5.2 or in the old version, it does not let me. It gives this error message:

“This project requires the ‘PhysXVehicles’ plugin, which could not be found. Would you like to disable it and continue? If you do, you will no longer be able to open any assets created with it. If not, the application will close.”

The message is nonsensical, it complains that something cannot be found but then asks to disable it. No matter if I pick yes or no, it simply closes the window and does nothing.

FIXED! My problem was that I did not use the exact bone names in the Vehicle Movement Component of the Blueprint. Once I fixed the names everything started working. Thank you for the help!

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