Chaos Vehicle stuck on slope vs rolling down on slope.

First I had the issue where my vehicle was stuck when on a slope, it would not roll down no matter what angle the slope. I added an execute console command to the vehicle constuct saying ‘p.Chaos.SuspensionThreshold 1’ which sets the threshold of the slope to 0. As I found here on this forum. solved!

But by doing that, I encountered another issue. when the car is on the slope. even with the brake or the handbrake enabled, still it rolls and slides down at a very slow pace. First I thought maybe the brake is not strong enough so I looked into setting the brake and handbrake torque. that didnt solve it. then I noticed that the car also slides down when it is parked laterally. I looked into the wheel friction and also adding a physical material to the slope and putting the friction high but that doesn’t solve it. Is there a solution to this?