Chaos Vehicle Not Working & Has No Physics

Basically, I decided to use Chaos Vehicles and there are so many problems to it.
Previously, I was using the main Vehicle Movement Component class in UE4 and now as the engine says, It’s deprecated.
I’m using the same model with the same config in the same project as I had using the old Vehicle Movement Component but gravity doesn’t work on the vehicle. The car doesn’t move either.

Now if I copy the same model to the old pawn I had using the primitive VMC, It’ll work and the physics work as well.

The thing is that when I drag the Physics asset into the scene, physics work perfectly.

Now, as a need for the wheels to be kinematic, I set the wheel colliders to be kinematic and of course, now neither the Physics asset, nor the Chaos Vehicle Pawn work because the wheels are colliding with the body and they are kinematic so it won’t work. But the Chaos Pawn doesn’t work in either of these ways. The Physics asset works in the type that the wheels aren’t kinematic and that’s understandable.

What is the problem now? Any suggestions?

It was working fine with the first preview of 4.26, but after update car is stuck in the air, also waiting for a fix/workaround