Chaos Vehicle jittering and moving on its own

Hi all, i’m running into some issues with setting up chaos vehicles in my game.

After i’ve set up the physics asset and the vehicle movement component, the vehicle start jittering.
The jitter is not always visible with high framerates, so i’ve set a fixed framerate of 30 in my project.
I was able to reproduce this issue by using the sample “Sedan” vehicle from the Vehicles Example project.
I was wondering if this is a common issue and if anyone knows how to fix this.

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FIXED: For anyone wondering or running into the same issues. I had set the “Rollbar Scaling” value to 10 in the ChaosVehicleWheel asset. This value is adjustable with a slider and is clamped between 0-1. However, if you manually type in a value (like me) you are allowed to go over that, with all the weird side effects that come with it.
Feels like a bug in the UE4 editor code to me. Even if i type in a stupid value it should still be clamped between 0-1.


Mine is still jittering all over the place. RollBall setting is 0.15 as default…