Chaos vehicle gliching while is not on screen ( in field of view). is it bug?

I have this problem ( see in video below)
I m doing my formula/ racing manager, and when i put more then 2 vehicles ( chaos advanced wheeled vehicle), cars, which are ouf of sight and propably in certain radius from camera, start to gliching and immediately crash, fly of track, or just fly into sky. all cars are controlled by AI_controller, which is based on following spline.

on video you can see:

in 1st run, i stopped simulation in 1st wrong tick. you can seen vehicle in the ground. It next tick it was able to fix itself, propably because it was already on screen.

in the 2nd run, i stopped simulation in 5th wrong tick, in this moment vehicle was beyond “fixing” and flew of the track.

this happens all the time when vehicle is ouf of screen or out of sight and in certain radius from camera, because other car, closer to camera didnt crashed

does anybody know, how can I solve this problem? thanks for any advice