Chaos Vehicle falling into ground

I am creating a custom vehicle with Chaos and the wheels just fall into the floor until the bottom of the car mesh hits the floor. It seems as there is no collisions with the wheels whatsoever. They spin and turn, so the animation works, the physics just don’t work.

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Hi There, did you find any solution to this? Am stuck at this same point. Thanks

I just used PhysX vehicles, and they work great. There is a little bit of fiddling at first with the bones though.

did you find a good tutorial for this?

Hi @Yeah_Corey,

Currently I think this video is the best tutorial that shows how to set up a Chaos Vehicle.

It’s my understanding that in Chaos Vehicles the wheels themselves to not collide, but information used in the Wheel Data asset is what determines how far they are off the ground.

Thanks @Astrotronic !! I’ve followed this and nearly every tutorial I found so far for the Chaos vehicle. For me no matter what I do. No matter what vehicle I use. Whether it’s a full model or just some primitives my vehicle drops to the floor and the wheels pass through it. The throttle doesn’t work. I haven’t found a solution yet and I’m not finding a lot of evidence of others with the same issue. I’m not giving up. Thanks for responding!!

I am having the exact same problem with a vehicle I have created. I feel like something is wrong in the front wheel and rear wheel blueprint because that is where you need to have the diamter of the wheels. I even tested it by changing the wheel diameter to see if the vehicle would move up any and nope. It just sits on the body.

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