Chaos Ragdolls

Hey all,

I installed chaos this morning and now I seem to have issues with my ragdolls. Somehow the ragdolls don’t activate anymore, and when I simulate the physics asset it doesn’t do anything (no movement at all, just stays there statically) and instead triggers a breakpoint in the engine source code because of an ensure that fails (happens in PhysicalAnimationComponent.cpp on line 379 in the function FPhysicsCommand::ExecuteWrite, using the source code for the release version of 4.24.3). I also get some warnings now when I play my map which says "Constraint in ‘mapPath.CharacterMesh’ attempting to create a joint between objects that are both static. No joint created."Before compiling from source and enabling chaos everything was working just fine. Any ideas how I can fix my ragdolls again?

Any Ideas?

Heya, Chaos is still very much in development and isn’t feature complete just yet. Ragdolls are currently not supported at this time so unfortunately, chaos may not be the best fit for your game right now.