Chaos plugin integration

Good day

I just updated to 4.24.1 and was disappointed when I enabled the chaos plugins and no toolbars or extra options was visible.
I know you should use a built version from Github source to access the Beta plugin and get the plugin working with the engine as explained for the 4.23 Chaos demo example.
My question is when will the Chaos plugin function on the EPic launcher’s project creator for 4.24
I was really hoping for integration in 4.24.1 but enabling the plugins does nothing and adds no new options within the editor.


I think you misunderstanding what Chaos is. Chaos is physics engine and it aims to replace current physics engine use in Unreal which NVidia’s PhysiX. With in house physic engine it lets Epic to work of more features PhysiX did not handle, so what you see in examples is actually extra features, mostly destruction

Physics engine in UE4 is not contained in separate module, large portion of the code sits in “Enigne” module which is one of the core modules of UE4 and Chaos needs replace PhysX code in there. So Chaos can not be implmented as seperate plugin, it needs full engine recompile and because Chaos is not “production ready” status it’s not in launcher build. It will probably take few major version updates to appear in lacuher build and fully replace PhysiX. New sound enigne which also had exact same issue taken around 10 major version updates to fully replace old engine which happened in recent updates, so you need to have a pentionce.

Not misunderstanding anything.
My question was about the destruction and physics,
Can’t see the logic why they added plugins and released a demo build/example, but it will stay in Beta for “around 10 major version updates” while they advertise it?
Thanks anyway. Love UE4

im not saying it will be 10 ^^’ they make switch ealier