Chaos physics better?

I was wondering if anyone who has tried the new physics chaos. If physics objects are still falling through the landscape?
because it really sucks when this happens.

I have my player throwing a knife and sometimes it falls through the landscape


First time trying the Chaos Physics feature. All chaos objects fall through everything, without exploding/destructing. There is no collision, even if enabled. I’ve tried following nearly all of the relatively recent tutorials to no avail. Perhaps it’s a bug in this preview version.

I’m working on some powered animated ragdolls, and when I tried out Chaos (briefly) they basically try to fold themselves into pretzels. I’m not sure what changed with joint configurations, forces, or torque. Would love to investigate more, but will probably hold off until non-preview.

Depends on what you are doing. I am getting a bit of it in my testing’s 4.26p4. Currently even when setting everything to level set which from the documentation makes it more like a concave object I still get a bit of it. Even tried cranking up the iterations in a chaos solver. There’s just not a lot of documentation yet simple things maybe getting missed.

… thats not an issue with physics, that’s an issue with your knife not detecting the floor and stopping because you haven’t coded it to do so.

also, in .25/below, increase the collision thickness of your landscape and the knife will automatically stop falling though.

Or enable physics substep and that should also stop the knife from falling through.

I’m assuming you are launching it with some amount of force or input.
That would be just about the only reason the default collision will fail.

As far as Chaos goes, we are still in preview.
Ragdolls aren’t done yet.
most if not all of the collision/phat aspects aren’t ready yet.

At the moment, I don’t even think that sub stepping is implemented or has any effect.

However, individual and partial simulations are much more stable thab physX when you can get them to run.

How do you increase the landscape collision?

Ill probably make the collision bigger for the thrown bp also. Because it is kind of small

On the landscape you should have a thickness parameter you can control.

Appreciate it. Thanks!