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Workflow question. When placing a Geo Collection in the world, Its automatically assigning the engines default Destructible Physical Material to it, Each And Every time you place the asset in the a level. Bug?.. When forcing the override you are making the physical material that gets assigned to the render mesh get completely ignored. Which then causes the wrong surface impacts to play among any other thing that depends on the phys mat. Its fine to initially assign that phys mat… But at least give us the option to set it in the Geometry Collection settings so further placements of the asset has the correct settings. Right now that does not seem possible. What is the intent here? I would like not to have to tell the artist placing the assets to remember to kill the override each time. We also tried to look this up in code. This override feature is supposed to be deprecated but does not seem to be.

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We found that its being hard set in ActorFactoryGeometryCollection.cpp last line of this block.

// Set configured clustering properties.
NewGeometryCollectionActor->GetGeometryCollectionComponent()->EnableClustering = GeometryCollection->EnableClustering;
NewGeometryCollectionActor->GetGeometryCollectionComponent()->ClusterGroupIndex = GeometryCollection->ClusterGroupIndex;
NewGeometryCollectionActor->GetGeometryCollectionComponent()->MaxClusterLevel = GeometryCollection->MaxClusterLevel;

The same bug happens with damage threshold numbers. Each time its placed it just populates the data with default settings and not what’s being set in the geo collection itself.