Chaos PHAT in .26

I have yet to try the default project, but just a heads up for anyone converting projects:
Currently the constraints created prior to the change do not behave as expected.
Ragdolls that worked perfectly in .25 immediately spaz out after conversion.

OK. for anyone having similar issues:

  1. Collision currently doesn’t work exactly as expected. Several bodies which were set to not collide with one-another cause ragdolls to spaz out.
  2. Tensor Scale values need to be reset. Finally it seems that CHAOS actually works as it should. you can lift a character from it’s hand.
  3. All Constraints have to be snapped back. (right click select Snap in menu). Apparently Chaos sover doesn’t like the offsets.

Another issue. PHAT has no floor.
Enabling floor is currently only visual when simulating only selected. Not sure if this is intended or not.

Simulating the whole thing does take the floor into consideration However the ragdoll overall just takes off rolling around non-stop. Similar to when collision is an issue.

A few hours later… I think I understand why they named the system Chaos