Chaos Jiggle effect issue

My Chaos clusters are not working well, all the cubes are shacking after the destruction phase, any clues on how to fix that ?

Implement an external SDK to handle physics…
Chaos is still bad even if it got better.

And the same effect happens in .27 btw

The solution - if it exists in ue5 mind you - is to reduce the sleep time to be near immediate so that after stopping for a microsecond the simulation is just turned off.

This can lead to other issues btw. Hence why implementing something else that actually works is a much better solution
(havok? Bullet? A custom PhysX build?)
You would obviously have to rely on whatever external tools are avaliable for the specific thing you choose.

They won’t be supporting physx built in tools anymore, which is likely better.
You may find a ue5 branch in the Nvidia stuff eventually that’s pre built with Good physics some day…

Thanks! you actually point me out on the solution which is to use a Sleep Field around the base of the mesh which stops all the pieces from jiggling.

It’s just too bad Chaos is in the state it still is… it was promising on paper.