Chaos Geometry Collections keep falling through floor

I’m using 4.23 and finally got the Chaos beta up and running. I can create a Geometry Collection from a basic cube and fracture it, but when I start the level the Geometry Collection cube keeps falls through the floor. A normal cube won’t fall through the floor, but as soon as I make it a Geometry Collection and fracture it, then it falls through the floor.

I see a few other comments about this on other posts, but no answer. Is this a normal Unreal thing, or specific to Chaos? Maybe it’s a bug or I installed Chaos wrong?

Possibly the parts are too small and too fast to cause a collision in one frame.

There’s a parameter “Physics Sub-Stepping” in the project settings for increasing the accuracy

see Physics Sub-Stepping | Unreal Engine Documentation

Maybe this helps to catch these ‘missed’ collisions.

Thanks for the reply though unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have changed anything. One new thing I did notice is that the cube does actually break, it just always happens at the level’s true zero, right below where the floor is initially placed, in the standard third person shooter starter level that comes with Unreal. I had to move the floor down a lot to see this. This happens for any geometry collection no matter what the mesh is, cube, sphere, or custom made mesh import from Maya.

When I move the floor down all the other static cubes and my player fall and hit the new floor location as expected, but no matter where I put the floor, the Chaos cube always breaks apart at what appears to be 0 height for the level. I attached a picture. You’ll see Chaos cube broken apart in front floating gin the air

I’ve had so many issues trying to get Unreal Beta to even run. I think it might be something with the Beta. Every tutorial on installing has slightly different directions and they all gave me different issues.It doesn’t help that Unreal’s documentation is not thorough, very frustrating.


I’m using v.4.24.3, and my test mesh breaks exactly at the point of impact, even if it’s not on zero level, and the parts just lay around

Yeah it’s very annoying. Hey how did you get version 4.24.3? I’m using 4.24.1 so there might be something there.

I went to the github repository but it only seems to offer version 4.24.1 and no others, so I can’t find the version you have.

I’m simply using the official binary, intalled via the the epics game laucher.
There, the version is 4.24.3.