Chaos Fracture rounded/softened edges?

Is there is a method for softening the default hard edges of fractured meshes? A trick with normals? Any tips greatly appreciated.

Hey there @TheWolf! I’ve got a bit of a theory on how you’d do it, but couldn’t find any 100% accurate. If we’re looking to fake it with a material, you could in theory use normals on a material that can detect edges. This material tutorial does (not quite) edge detection and could get you pointed in the correct direction. You’d still need to hook whatever you make into the normals instead of using it for tron lines, but the feathering is already inherent to this material setup so if the edge detection works on the fracture pieces correctly, you can in theory soften the edges. If it was only the external edges a fresnel would work out but the internal edges are going to be the hard part!

Thanks! Going to give this a spin!