Chaos Destruction Demo in Unreal Engine 5

Hi everyone,
I stumbled into problems running the Chaos Destruction Demo in Unreal Engine 5 Early Access. To be fair, in the Learn-Tab it only displayes UE 4.23 to 4.26 to be compatible with it. However, I managed to get it working under UE5 and wanted to share my little journey in cas anyone else stumbles into the same problems.

In case I misssed something (maybe there even is a dedicated UE5 version of the demo?), please feel free to link me to that!

Tutorial on how to load and run the Chaos Destruction Demo in UE5 EA:

  • In the launcher, switch to the Learn-Tab and download the Chaos Destruction Demo
  • A new project with the same name should be created. Right click and click on “Go to Folder”
  • In the explorer, right-click on the .uproject file and open with notepad (or similar) and delete the “MeshEditor”-plugin entry.
  • Then, right-click on the .uproject file and click on “Switch engine version”
  • Chose UE5EA. This will end up with an error, which you simply dismiss.
  • Right-click the .uproject file again and click on “Create visual studio files”. This will also end up with an error which you also dismiss.
  • Then go into the Source folder and open both .cs files.
  • Here you need to delete or comment out the PhysX, APEX, Cloth, QueryStructure and BuildEnviroment variables. It should look like this:
// Copyright Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

using UnrealBuildTool;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class ChaosDestructionDemoEditorTarget : TargetRules
	public ChaosDestructionDemoEditorTarget(TargetInfo Target) : base(Target)
		Type = TargetType.Editor;

		ExtraModuleNames.AddRange( new string[] { "ChaosDestructionDemo" } );

		bCompileChaos = true;
		bUseChaos = true;
		//bCompilePhysX = true;
		//bCompileAPEX = true;
		//bCompileNvCloth = true;
		//bCustomSceneQueryStructure = true;
		//BuildEnvironment = TargetBuildEnvironment.Unique;
  • Open the project in Visual Studio (or Rider for Unreal) and recompile.
  • Once that is done, open the .uproject file and it should work.

Hope this helps anyone. :slight_smile:



That was really helpful. I got the demo up and running really quickly

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Hi, I am very new to ue5, can I have the project files, I couldn’t get this to work…thx :slight_smile:

Hi @Dovah_Niik, could you tell me, at what step you have problems and what the respective error-message reads? It is possible, that I missed something and in that case I would like to add this to the guide to make the life easier for other users.