Chaos destruction collision not working with complex collision

Hi to all.

Hi have geometry collection in a building in my scene and the collision is just horrible, less than the half of bricks stays on the floor of the building, the rest of them just go through the floor, I’ve been making tests and the only reason that I notice is that the building uses complex collision as simple.

When I set the collision to the default and add a box on the floor of the building it does it just fine.

So the question is if geometry collection has some limitations with objects using complex collision as simple❓

And if so, is there any solution or workaround with that limitation (not counting using the simple collision)

Ran into the same issue, did you find a workaround?

Stuff falling through could just be a physics issue rather than a collision one.

But, with complex collision you could have no wall thickness, making it far more probable for things to penetrate…

complex collisions as simple are only for static objects. For dynamics, you need convex collisions - it’s for all engines, not just for UE.

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