Chaos Destruction, Access individual fragments.

First post.

I’ve been working with Chaos Destruction in Unreal 5 for a week at this point but can’t figure out how i am to access individual fragments as they break off the relevant actor.

Accessing the “actor” of the fragments causes the relevant actor to be selected, Deleting this actor causes the entire geometry collection to be deleted with all it’s fragments.

I’m assuming that i’m supposed to be able to reach the individual fragments through the geometry collection, but i’m unable to figure out what i’m looking for.

Does anyone know how to access each individual fragment?

Thanks ahead of time. :slight_smile:


Ditto, would like to know this aswell.

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Same here. Please… Seems like nobody is able to figure this out :frowning: .

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Still no word on this? There are handy events for when a break occurs, but that only gives me the component, the location of the break and other basic data, but nothing to tell me which fragment(s) has/ve fallen off, or how many remain. There’s an array in the Rest and Dynamic collections which maps the geom index to the indexes of its neighbours, but short of checking this every time there’s a break, I don’t know how you’d work out which of those connections have broken


Version 5.1 of the engine will provide an item index for geometry collection events along with a set of blueprint function to query information about it or act on it ( applying strain or forces for example )

This is how I apply random vel to individual pieces:

And this is how I access them during a crumble event (Notify Crumblings must be on AND children events too):

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