Chaos Demo project files.

Hey, Chaos Demo is amazing. Any plan to release the project files like Infiltrator or Kite demos?

usually epic games releases their project files shortly after like showdown vr demo is available through epic games downloader but i dont think they will release those. possibly because of third party code or some duct taped glued together stuff they threw together at the last moment but wont reveal to public. samaritan demo is a prime example of one they never released and the demos you stated.

I think they said something about the release of that particular demo (which requires VR btw) at some point when Chaos becomes early access.

The exact Chaos demo from GDC won’t be released, but there is a sample project coming that will show features of Chaos, along with elements from the GDC demo.

That is good to know! Thanks!

Cool, good to know, any news about when the 4.23 preview will be released? Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Soon™ :wink:

4.23 is already released but for me when i went to geometry collection mode and then fracture it would crash everytime. this preview ismuch much different and not working than the chaos demo video where the dude is showing off the new chaos features. that video can be found on youtube. anyways i think its broken right now. they probably have a working version but are testing it for a 4.24 or 4.25 release.

the workflow is much different than apex physx lab and third party fracturing. the workflow with chaos will be as so…right click cube>create static mesh>click static mesh>create new geometry collection>select geometry collection then use voronoi fracture. much much simpler!

The repository at GitHub might be receiving updates for Chaos yes, and other modules like the rendering, but that saying 4.23 is released is not correct, not even the preview 1 is released and this is what is the most important, because it will establish the baseline for all modules working together with at least some testing of integrity.