Chaos cloth physics - Heavy performance impact

Hey guys,

setting up cloth physics on a 20k tris curtain halves my FPS on a RTX 4090.
Is that normal?
I’m hovering around 80 FPS in my scene.
Just adding the curtain drops it to 35 FPS, and it doesn’t matter where I am on my 2k landscape.


Chaos physics is always high quality with the price of performance. Of course, this is always the case if the number of polygons is high. They first introduce this chaos physic back in version 4.26, which has never been better.

The earlier version has better optimization but with a different physics engine. They used apex cloth which is faster and optimized. But for some reason, they removed it and used chaos physic as they believed it was higher in quality.

I would suggest, you use the culling method, or if your game is based on physics then, I would recommend using a different engine.