Chaos cloth editor

I noticed in 4.25 there’s a chaos cloth plugin turned on, same with chaos cloth editor
does anyone know how to use these? or have a link to something that shows how to use it?

Hi there,
Currently trying to figure this one out as well. Please let me know if you find something :slight_smile:
One thing which I did notice is that even though all plug ins are there, the Chaos mode in the mode panel is missing.

If you want to use chaos cloth,you must use source version,and compile it yourself.See the document of how to enable chaos.
Then you can use chaos cloth,use it just like nvcloth.

Well, got the engine and everything working now. Am I to understand that it works exactly the same way as the Nvidia Apex cloth system did? (in terms of set up that is)

Yeah,It works like nvcloth,except a position issue in editor,and can’t collide with environment