Chaos Cloth Collision with other Meshes


I was wondering if the new Chaos Cloth can interact with other objects in the world as it seems that NvCloth (at least how it is implemented in unreal) does not support this.

Yea, no.
And performance compared to physx is still very much inferior too.

“Supposedly” the cloth world interaction was going to be a thing.

As of my last testing it’s basically just a conversion of the pre existing bad implementation.
Meaning it doesn’t work for sh*t…

Look into implementing GameWorks as a completely external library.
Anything but what the engine comes with. Basically.

Or use Unity since they offer a real physics engine implementation (havok) instead…

We went with Nvidia Flex at the moment

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I really wish Havok would extend to unreal users like they did for Unity…
But yea flex is good.