Chaos Circuit

Chaos Circuit is a game show set in the distant future, in which the human race kidnaps aliens and pits them against each other in a violent game show for the entertainment of the Galaxy. Featuring randomly generated levels, multiple weapons, levelling and perks and a butt-ton of giblets, Chaos Circuit is an unnecessarily violent bloodsport. Fun for all the family!

Our team consists of me (Aaron Blows) , Leo Goldsmith, Rebecca Holdak, Alexander White and a ton of freelancers that have been invaluable to the project. We have been working on this as our final year university project and thought we would show you guys it to :).

Latest trailer video: Chaos Circuit Trailer on Vimeo
Rookies submission:

i like the red organic thingys coming out of the floor.
Screenshots are looking good.
Although i would turn down the cracks, the overall detail of some floorplates a bit down. It does look a bit confusing.
Your video would profit from a highter framerate. It looks a bit stuttery…