Changing Z-order not showing on nDisplay?

Hi - We are trying to trigger Zorder via a tally system out of our video switcher. We are sending signal via UDP from an arduino. We have confirmed that we are seeing the proper UPD signal and we see the results via a print string in the blueprints. We have it working on a key press of num8 and num9 on the keyboard when tabbed over to nDisplay and we see the frustum precedence changing. We also see the z-order values changing in the InCameraSettings details panel when we trigger the switcher, but the frustum precedence if not being effected on the LED wall .

Any ideas to get it working?

I have attached pictures of our blue prints. We have it set up to switch witch a key press (8-9) and currently have another custom event being called that interacts with the UDP signal (its set up this way right now because of trouble shooting and can be linked directly to the UDP blue prints).