Changing what the player spawns with for testing

Real quick,

Want the player to spawn with a certain items so I can test something I made, probably really easy, I’m just a noob!

You need to copy the PlayerPawnTest to your modfolder, do not make a subclass of it.

In the components of the pawn, there should be a component called Inventory. You will be able to modify spawn items in it.

Anyone figure out how to make this work yet?

I couldn’t find any inventory references in PlayerPawnTest… I’m thinking it might be buried somewhere else in the devkit?

If you open up Playerpawntest, go to components, there is a primal inventory there. Inside there you can set the “cheat items”

Can we use this for beginner tools?

Hi Enrell,

What do you mean by that ?

Thanks Null… I am so blind lol… I must have looked at it half a dozen times in the past and just didn’t see it. I guess I was looking for a reference to some other blueprint… didn’t see the expanded list built-in it!