Changing visibility of a TreeView item UI element dynamically

Hey all,

I’m struggling with changing visibility of an element being a part of a TreeView item. My item layout looks like this:
Note UnderConstructionOverlay element, which has visibility set to Hidden.

I tried to change its visibility to Visible in a BP as reaction to an event like this:

I can confirm, that the event is fired(confirmed with Print String), but still, visibility of the item is not changed. I tried several different solutions:

  • saving a reference to a list item in a variable and using it instead of self-referencing an item
  • calling logic from the main UI blueprint where TreeView is generated
  • binding visibility value to a function
  • using Regenerate All Entries / Request Refresh on a TreeView

Yet nothing works. I assume there’s some unique way in which TreeView is handled, but isn’t there an easy way to change appearance of its items?