Changing vignette intensity


Hello to everyone, i had setted my character blueprint like the atteched image.
The Field of View change perfectly…but not the vignette intensity. the timeline for the vignette intensity is " first pin…time:0 value:0.4 - second pin…time:1 value:1.0 " .
What is wrong?
thank you in advance.

Sadly, you can’t yet change those in runtime with BPs.
You need to create a post process material of your own and use a curve or whichever method you prefer.

That’s not true. You can change the vignette at runtime, even if you don’t have a post processing volume. I tested it out and recreated your graph and it works for me. Make sure your InputAction is functioning. I used “V” to for the timeline.

My Unreal version is on 4.14.3 .

Here is the proof: