Changing Viewport Size(Not the editor size but the screen resolution settings)

I am not wondering about the editor viewport but the Class Viewport that controls the screen resolution of the game you are making. I want to give my players the ability to change it from one setting say 800x600 to something like 1920x1080 or any range in between that they prefer to play one for their system. However, I am unable to locate any tutorials on how to accomplish said task and am at a loss for figuring it out myself. Any help here would be greatly appreciate.


Use this console command -> r.setRes 300x300 :slight_smile:

I am wanting to give players the ability to do it though. I have an options menu setup with a slider bar that I want to give the player the ability to change the resolution. Will this do the same thing?

Define a slider in UMG with a set of preset resolutions, 1440x900 1600x900 1920x1080 etc. And depending on the selected cause use “Execute Console Command” in Blueprints and set r.setRes equal to the resolution specified. :slight_smile:

Ok that will work… Ty Sythen.

No problem :wink:

Hello people ,

I too am looking for a solution to set the screen resolution. Is it possible that the screen dynamically scales according the device’s resolution.