Changing vehicle

Hello everyone! I have faced a problem and I cant find solution. I am trying to create a simple racing game. The problem is i cant embody car selection. I want it to look like this - you can enter garage in main menu, and choose a car there. Then you go back to main menu, go to lvls, and choose a lvl you want to play.
I tried doing it by changing default pawn class, tried doing it by simply changing mes and animation in car blueprint, tried doing it by choosing car through pawn variable in garage, and then spawning that variable in game. None of those worked. If somebody could show me how i can make this i would be very grateful!

Hey there, no idea if you’ve looked at this. It sounds similar to what you’re trying to achieve. If you have a blueprint for each car and you implement the controller possess on event clicked actor in each blueprint it may work.
Hope this helps dude
didnt post the link /facepalm

Yeah, its ok, but i cant use it in widget. Is there a way to create a pawn variable which value will be set through widget, and then on level start it will be spawned and possessed? Ive already tried to do that but it didnt work. Can smb show me how can i do things like that?