Changing Vault location on 4.3

The Vault in 4.3 is put on my SSD drive. My SSD drive is 250 gigs. Is it possible to put it on my 2 tb drive? I have manually put it on the big drive and it seems to be OK. Will cause me any problems?

You can do the following with any map in Windows.

  1. Go to the folder (and drive) you want the folder to be moved. Create a folder using a name of your choice
  2. Move the folder (or copy) to the new location
  3. Open up ‘command’ (cmd.exe) having admin rights (you need it)
  4. Using command console(admin): Go to the folder where the original folder lives. Either delete it or rename it.
  5. Using command console(admin): Type: mklink /D old_folder_name drive_and_path_to_new_location.

If you get it right you will now get a message saying: “symbolic link created for” etc…
If you get “You do not have sufficient privilege to perform this operation.” You forgot the admin mode.

As far as Windows is concerned, it is still the same folder at the same location. And if you ever want to get rid of the link, then simply delete the link. It will not delete the content of the moved folder.

Best of luck.


Jonathan, thanks that worked. I had used mklink but had forgotten about it.

Jonathan?? Ahh, I see. I think it might say the incorrect name (and I am guessing) because he might have tried to answer at the same time I did, and changed his mind??? Maybe… But yeah… I’m not Jonathan I’m afraid :slight_smile: … But happy it worked out for you.