Changing Var of another BP.

Ok ive got to be doing something wrong here.

am trying to get my texture for the cursor to change when i mouse over it.

the default cursor texture works fine. but nothing changes when i mouse over the actor.

i thought doing the get var then doing a set on it would change the texture? but its not.

not a coder so i could be way off here haha.

i seem to get this error at runtime what ever it means :slight_smile:

Are you getting the events? Try adding a Print String node after the “set cursor variable” node to see whether it is being triggered.
If it’s not triggered, it may be that the actor is not set up for getting/generating the events in question.

Yeah it is printing to screen.
Just does not seem to be changing the var in the other bp so the texture does not change :S

I don’t know how you set your reference to you HUD BP.

But try “Get Player Controller”, and drag from that and do “Get HUD”.

am lost now LOL

what i am trying to do is.

is in an asset BP on overlap of the cursor change a var and send that var to the hud bp to change the default texture to the one set in the asset bp…

I know that you are trying to set a variable in your HUD BP.

To get the correct reference to the active instance of that script… do as I told you.

Else there is something I don’t understand, and you have to post your entire Blueprint so I can see what is happening.

What the error is telling you that from within your Blueprint “Blueprint_WallSconce” you are trying to set a variable on an object that is “None”. “None” means that it is not an object, it does not exist.
So to get the object, the one you are looking for, you need to GetPlayerController and from that GetHUD.

after taking a time out and going back to it i realised what i was doing wrong. got it sorted now :slight_smile: thanks for pointing me in the correct direction bud.

Please post the thing you did here, so other can see what the solution was if they find this thread.

Was as simple as you said. using the get hud, lol

Keep on trucking