Changing "up" direction for an FPS Pawn

Normalize (Pawn Location - Sphere Center location) this is you Up Vector relative to the Sphere Center. Use Rotate around Axis with this Vector as Axis Input. Rest is up to you.

I’ve started with the FPS template. I would like to have my pawns stick to the inside of a large sphere and I want up to always be perpendicular from their current location in the sphere. Any rotation I apply to the actor just changes its rotation within the given axes. Is there any way to change the rotation of the axes themselves? There will be no gravity in this case, so up is just a local change in the axes, i.e. instead of the pitch going from -90 to 90, it would go from -80 to 100, and yaw would be around that same axis tilted 10 degrees instead of straight up and down.