Changing Units

I’m an architecture student and am currently using UE4 for my renders, but one thing I can’t quite figure out is how to change the units. I understand that 1uu=1cm but what if I wanted to put that in inches. I mean I could calculate the conversion and just input that, but is there way to change the settings so that 1uu=1 inch?

You can change the scaling multiplier when you are importing a mesh to unreal. Here : Check Uniform scale.
There is also only one plugin that provides unit changing functions exposed to blueprints. That is called PurplePrintKit and you can find it here: boop

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to change to inches or others, you need to change it per project… in Edit, go to Project Settings. on the left side, choose Appearance. under Units in the main area, check both radio buttons on. then click that the “Show Advance” draw down arrow. Open "Distance/Length. change it in that area.

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