Changing UMG Button Shape - Custom UMG Button

I have looked around quite a bit and can’t find a great answer that will work for my case… I am trying to create a button like the image attached, but an image won’t work because it has to maintain its 45 degree angle corner. Stretching the image then warps the corners and can’t have that…Ideally this will be the “BaseWidget” used and can be stretched and applied to any size button and still maintain those angles. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Hi @trug_christian,

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It sounds like you are looking for 9-slice scaling - Wikipedia.

Here is a video that goes over how to do it. YouTube

Here is some more info in this post about it 9-slice scaling UMG image

Hopefully this will solve your problem.

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@SylarAtomic Thanks so much for the quick response! I will check these out.

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