Changing the variable on each of the timeline keys by object rotation

Just look at the picture you’ll probably understand. I don’t know how to explain that with words. How can i do that?

A wild guess, I’d say you’re in a blueprint there? In that case, use this:

1- Video = How animation need to look like.
2- Picture = How i wanted to do this.

Video - YouTube

i mean when everytime i need to rotate camera, i dont want to create a new timeline for that, i just want to use only 2 timeline (left and right timeline)

Ok, thanks for the extra info. I can tell you your main problem is you are calling timelines from tick.

Tick happens every frame, and the Update pin from timelines happens every frame. So, every frame you are calling a lot of stuff!

It also means that your timesline never actually play properly, because every time they start, they get called again from the tick node.

It’s such a short vid, I can’t tell how it relates to the diagram you have. Where are these collision boxes in the vid?

Ok, I get it. You want to use a relevant camera angle depending on where the player is. A much better way, maybe, is to position cameras at all relevant points. Then, on tick, have a piece of code that finds the nearest camera to the player, and does a SetViewTargetWithBlend.

Thank you so much.